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About Us

The Thrive Group takes a holistic view and works with children’s challenging behaviors in the context of their physical, emotional, and familial dynamic. Our focus is on why kids do what they do and how to treat it.

OTThrive - Miriam (11)


The Thrive Group is dedicated to providing a mental health occupational therapy treatment program that is personalized to the individual needs of each child, teen, and adult. Through sessions and workshops, we help parents and teachers understand their children’s and students’ behaviors while helping the family and classroom unit feel more comfortable.  As each child is treated, the parent is guided in how to help their child become adaptable, calmer, happier, and more focused. Collaboration during and after individual treatment sessions reveals what each child’s behavior is really trying to say and offers insights into how to strengthen the child’s understanding of self and his or her interpersonal skills. We give our clients the tools they need to help build meaningful relationships.

We have experience treating clients with a wide range of challenges including behavioral challenges of the dysregulated child, anxiety, fears, ADHD, ASD, ODD and trauma. Parents and teachers are fascinated as they learn to be a childhood behavioral detective and how to treat it!

Please check out our FAQs page for other questions you may have.

Our Blog also contains some additional advice and information you may find beneficial.

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